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Artisan Bakehouse
Řemeslná pekárna

Since Friday 13th September 2013 we have been enhancing the space with our beautiful smell of fresh baking in our new stall in Palladium shopping mall. Call in and taste. See photos at our Facebook page.

We have just established our new Facebook page, give us your Like. The link is here.

We proudly announce that on 8th March 2013 we opened a beautiful new stall with our bakes in Metropole Zlicin shopping centre, in a passage in front of Interspar.

Open daily 10am - 9pm. Shop in Horomerice has been closed.


Until March we don't sell gourmet ice-cream.

October: Cafe is up and running, we are still working on improvements. We offer 100% natural fruit juices from Lhenice. We have a wider selection of gourmet ice-cream (we will sell it all year round). You can order a cheese plate together with our baked goods.
Starting offer: With each coffee You get a cake for half the price.

We now bake carrot cake too.

September: After a very successful first year of our bakery we decided to move the bakery kitchen to a larger place in Velke Prilepy, where we have better baking conditions. The shop itself remains in Horomerice, in addition we now sell cheeses and delicatessen. We are also planning to furbish the shop with a café and tables. The shop is only in Horomerice. The quality of our baking remains unchanged.

August: We bake baguettes and ciabattas using traditional French / Italian recipes. The dough matures for 24 hours.

On 22nd August an article about our bakery was released in a regular insert of Hospodarske noviny newspaper, which covers interesting shops with fine foods. Online version here.

August: We extended our offer by several kinds of home-made cookies.

June: Our bakery received another very positive review from Scuk.cz. The article in Czech is here.

June: We sell gourmet ice-cream by 2AD company from Tuchlovice. We are sure it will be the ice-cream of your life.

May: We introduced a number of new kinds of cakes, mainly with fruit and agar jelly (vegetable origin) as well as salty pies.

May: Our bakery is featured on Scuk.cz and received a very positive feedback. The article in Czech is here.

We bake wedding cakes and pastries on order.

Current Offer

We offer a wider range of Italian pastries, for instance foccacia with olives or tomatos.

Every Monday we receive fresh pasta with week-long life.


The Concept of Artisan Bakery

The Artisan Bakehouse / Řemeslná pekárna company was established with a straightforward aim:

Renaissance of bakery craft with largest share of honourable and fair craftsmanship and quality ingredients. In our bakery in Horomerice we daily knead and manually work a wide range of wholegrain rye breads, white rolls, pastries, cakes.

All from quality natural ingredients, without substitutes, without ready-mades, without artificial flavours and colours and using traditional methods. Therefore our products have authentic home made taste and beautiful look of manual work.

Parking places available.


Shop: 00420 220 56 27 37

Hrdinů 120, Horoměřice (near Prague)


1346   visitors.


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